Wedding invitations play an indispensable role in the wedding, and beautiful invitations can make your wedding unique. There are many types of wedding invitations on the market, more than ten types including acrylic, rustic/kraft pape, laser cut, floral, with pictures, clip art, with wax seal, with ribbon, letterpress and translucent paper. Now, please choose the right invitation for your wedding according to your needs and preferences. Enjoy!

1. Acrylic

Acrylic wedding invitations are transparent, choose one type for your wedding now.

2. Rustic & Kraft paper

Rustic weddings are still popular, kraft paper invitations are perfect for rustic weddings, they look plain and healthy.

3. Laser cut

Laser cut wedding invitations are always selling well, because they look gorgeous, elegant and eye-catching.

4. Floral

A wedding invitation with floral bohemian watercolor flowers in shades of marsala, burgundy, cranberry, deep red wine and gold.

5. With Pictures

Using your own pictures with your love or your family will make your invitations unique.

6. With Wax Seal

As you know, you can even put fresh flowers into the waxseals.

7. With Ribbon

Ribbon invitations come standard with double envelopes for a finished look and extra protection during mailing.it is both pretty and practical.

8. Letterpress

Letterpress wedding invitations are custom printed on an antique letterpress resulting in deep impressions and a dramatic embossed look.

9. Translucent Paper

It is perfect for spring or summer weddings, it looks elegant and cool, which can reduce the anxiety of summer.


You can also make a DIY watercolor wedding invitation. It is beautiful, pratical and can save the money.

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