Dusty rose should be rethinked because it represents not only girly but also sophisticated, this plain and muted tone pink just makes it a perfect wedding color for any wedding decoration and it works well for all seasons. During the writing, I’ll show you about the dusty rose cakes, bouquets, decorations, invitations and so on, here are some fabulous dusty rose wedding ideas that will take you breath away!

1. Dusty rose invitations

Dusty rose ininvitations are indispensable in a wedding. Ivory white matches dusty rose well.

2. Dusty rose groom tie and bountonniere

No matter what color the suit the groom wears, when he takes the dusty rose tie or the pink bountonniere, this color will be the most dazzling thing.

3. Bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaids dresses are always beautiful, but the dusty rose one is even better.

4. dusty rose wedding cakes

Looks delicious and seems like a strawberry cake.

5. Rose petal wedding favors

Petals will make your wedding more romantic, you can have a try.

6. Flowers/bouquets

Dusty rose flowers are the most common one, it is easy to find and match.

7. Dusty rose wedding decorations

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