Wedding signs are playing an important role of the whole wedding ceremony or wedding reception decor. There’s a sign for nearly every element of your wedding timeline, they can tell your guests where to go, what to do, and can really add that extra touch to your wedding decorations. Today, we prepared over 8 kinds of wedding signs for you. No matter your wedding style is rustic, classic, or luxurious, you will kindly find the perfect one. Enjoy!

1. Elegant wedding signs

Most of the elegant wedding signs have the same feature: metal frame. Metal frame makes the wedding unique and extravagant. If you like this style, signs decorate with metal is a good choice.

2. Chalkboard wedding signs

Chalkboard wedding sign is classic, it is easy to get a blackboard or make a diy one. “first meet, she said yes, she stole his last name.” That is one of the most romantic words I have ever heard.

3. Printable wedding signs

There are lots of printable wedding sign templates online. Choose the perfect one and write your own words to surprise the guests.

4. Unplugged ones

Unplugged wedding signs look casual and relaxed. You can put it on the ground, the table, the lawn, or even on the tree. Do not forget to decorate it with some flowers and greenery, that makes better.

5. Window signs

6. Wooden wedding signs

7. Direct wedding signs

8. Beach wedding signs

Summer is coming, beach wedding trends are never be obsolete, and beach wedding signs play an important role in the wedding.

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