There are so many ways to decorate your wedding chairs. You can decorate your chairs with greenery things, flowers, fabric and vintage lace. You can also choose the right chairs to match your wedding theme, like a beach wedding, a forest wedding and so on. Whatever you choose, here are some ideas to inspire!

1. Flowers

If you want a romantic touch, fresh flowers added to your chairs will give you that exact feel. Flowers are special and when you use them to mark your special seats, it’s an automatic win that those seats are special.

2. Vintage Lace

If lace is your favorite thing, then you need to add it to a chair! Bow it, drape it, sash it, or weave it and it’s always going to look great! Another perk is that it doesn’t wrinkle, so to make it look flawless requires zero effort and who wouldn’t like a little less work on the big day?

3. Ruffle sash cover

4. Greenery

A little or a lot. A swag, a stem, or a wreath…there is no wrong way to use greenery on your wedding chairs. Another perk of using greenery is that it won’t wilt, and that is so important because people will be taking pics of you in these chairs over and over and a limp flower won’t kill the vibe!

5. Beach theme

The most romantic wedding ceremony is on a beach.These beautiful starfish chair hangers are the perfect accent for your beach wedding aisle. Starfish decoration is the characteristic. Theme color is blue and white.

6. Fabric

Fabric helps support the flowers and hide any water treatment tubes the florist may need to use to keep your posies perky all night long. Chivalric chairs are gorgeous on their own, but when you braid fabric through the intricate backs, you really have something special. It’s literally set it and forget it!

7. Forest theme

If you choose your wedding location in forest, I have to say that, you are so brilliant. Forest wedding is hot now, everything will be greenery, your dress, tables, cakes, of course your chairs. Original wooden chairs match colorful flowers, seems like in the fairy tales.

8. Ribbons

A little or a lot and how you choose to tie it can make a huge impact. It’s also a great way to work in all the wedding colors on the big day. Pro tip: buy way more ribbon than you think you’ll need as it takes a lot to recreate these looks below.

9. Burlap

The biggest perk to burlap is that it is AFFORDABLE! And it’s surprisingly easy to work with! No matter how you decide to treat the chair…sash, bow, sleeve, etc., burlap holds up all night long!

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