Want to achieve a vintage look for your big day? A retro wedding can make yours’ unique, classic and elegant. It will be a perfect example for other couples who want to have an old style wedding. Just remember to incorporate these timeless nostalgic touches into your nuptials-vintage teacups, cakes, dresses, invitations and decorations. Other details like pearls, lace fabric, cages or books will also help a lot. Here we have compiled the best vintage wedding ideas to chic vintage wedding invitations to help you make the best out of it

1. retro wedding hair

The 1950s hairstyles have the common characteristic: Wavy curls, but this wavy curl is different from nowadays, they use the max size hair curler, and veils are a good aider.

2. retro wedding dress

Retro wedding dresses sometimes represent princess style or extravagant court style, they all look amazing ,don’t they?

3. retro wedding shoes

The same thing as retro wedding dresses.

4. elegant bridal makeup

Elegant retro wedding makeup also have the same characteristics: refreshing and simple eye shadow and classic red lipstick makeup. The brides faces look so peaceful and elegant.

5. retro wedding invitations

6. beautiful retro wedding decorations

To make real retro wedding feelings, decorations are quite important. Copper rust color and black and white photos can help a lot.

7. retro wedding teapot & teacup

Using these elegant old style teapot and teacups, it will make you feel like returning back to 1900s, you are the prettiest lady and you are enjoying the afternoon tea with your friends.

8. retro wedding cakes

Looks delicious and rustic, quite different from the present.

9. retro wedding jewels

Headpieces, rings, necklace are all classic. Each bride wants them.

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