We have listed out over 8 top trends for wedding invitations in 2019, among that writing, we have the added embellishments for you brides. If you have some nice thoughts of plaining your wedding card or just purchased one and want to dress it up, now it is time to personalize it by adding a little something extra, which can be anything that is decorative, such as a glittery layer, ribbon, wax seal, belly band, a jewel and so on. Today, we have collected from the internet some gorgeous wedding invitations with wax seal and ribbon details to inspire you. Enjoy!!

Invitations with wax seal

Wedding invitations decorated with wax seal in fact has only become popular in recent years. The wax match your invitation’s color, bride and bridegroom’s name or other memorable things. We believe that it will become a new trend in the next few years.

Invitations with ribbon

Ribbon is probably one of the most widely used decorations in wedding invitations, its raw materials and colors are very extensive. Silk, cotton, and chiffon are all good raw materials. A perfect wedding invitation is the sign of a successful wedding.

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