DIY wedding ideas are very popular not only because they can save you money but also can help you personalize your wedding. Many things can be diy, wedding invitations, signs, dessert bars, table settings, bridal bouquet and so on. Read our DIY wedding ideas with the pictures, and try these easy DIY ideas that will impress your guests & show off your style!

1. Invitations

Planning a wedding is not easy, and most definitely not cheap. But good news –We’re all about helping you save money and create DIY wedding invitations that are not only beautiful, but the best quality.

2. Signs

Signs play a role on guiding the guests to the wedding location, a diy wedding sign strongly represents your personal style. In this detailed pictures, we show you how easy it is to assemble your own gorgeous wedding signs of all sizes

3. Dessert and dessert bar

This is the cutest bar idea we have seen in a long time. Using our free printables, quickly and easily create this DIY Trail Mix Bar for your wedding! Also, diy dessert is cute and creative, your guests will definitely like them.

4. Table settings

Wedding table settings are expensive, to be honest, tack the word “wedding” onto anything, whether it’s a dress, venue, or even paper, and the dollar signs instantly multiply. So, diy table settings such as paper flowers, homemade bonsai will help you save the money.

5. Bouquet

It is easy to make bouquet, choose some your favourite flowers, then bundle the roots of the flower with a ribbon, finally, cut off the extra roots, beautiful bouquet is made up!

6. Lighting and candles

Candles are synonymous with romance and there is nothing quite like the light that they give off, especially at a wedding reception, you can also make the diy candles as gifts for your guests.

7. Other decorations

This way you are able to save quite a lot of money on wedding decoration. There are several different varieties of wedding table decoration ideas.

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