If you are looking for some awesome ideas to display the great memories of you two, family and friends, or a deceased lovedone, we have the most wonderful photo display wedding ideas to inspire you. Whatever you choose for your wedding theme, you can always have a photo display idea that will suit it. Moreover, most of the ideas are cheap and easy to make and that will help you save the wedding budget. Get inspired now!

1. Wooden Pallet

Using a wooden pallet is a common and classic approach, it is chic and economic.

2. Wood Crate

Wood crate can not only be a photo table, it can also be a dessert bar or just a wedding decoration.

3. Family Tree

4. Farme

5. Ladder

6. Table with photo display

7. Old Shutters

8. Old windows

Old windows are everywhere in our lives, pick a perfect one as your wedding or family photo backyard is a great idea.

9. Hanging photos

Hanging your wedding photos can be done not only with ropes, but also with branches, lighting wires, etc. If your wedding is in spring or summer, I recommand you hang your pictures with branches, beaucase it looks quite creative and beautiful.

10. Old wood door

Make the old door into a photo backyard is a good idea, besides, you can also decorate it with flowers, chiffon and lightings, it will surprise you.

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