The reasons why most brides like late spring and early summer wedding are oblivious, because that time of year is greenery, warm, happy, and the nature color is cheerful. Now it brings some pros as well especially you may save energy for your weddings! If you are the brides of late spring and want something to make your wedding perfect, then find blow some pretty, lovely wedding colors for your inspiration.

1. pink and gold

In spring and summer our wedding inspiration is all about sweetness, elegance and romance. Pink and gold are both common and widely-used wedding colors, however, using gorgeous dusky pink table cloths, lace, candelabra and roses will make your wedding be the prettiest.

2. sage green and ivory

Thinking of what color to choose for your wedding is hard. For a color that can satisfy your soft, neutral, and bold color needs, look no further than the color Sage Green! Bridal bouquet is accented by olive branches and ivory roses.

3. taupe and burgundy

Burgundy & Taupe is one hell of a dreamy colour scheme for your wedding day.

4. purple and metallic

After learning the fact, it’s not difficult to see how this metallic and purple wedding theme drew its inspiration from Prince’s hit song “Purple Rain.”

5. yellow and grey

Have you ever considered a lemon yellow wedding colour scheme for your Spring or Summer wedding? This colour is vibrant, bright and bursting with sunshine, it makes the fresh and subtly glamorous wedding.

6. mauve and green

Mauve and green are perfect for a fall or spring wedding. As a soft and light shade of purple, mauve can send off a touch of romance at once, and it’s one of the classic colors for wedding theme and decorations.

7. dusty blue and burgundy

Dusty blue is perfect for spring & summer weddings, it is elegant, peace, and classic. the same time, the berry-hued, wine-inspired jewel tone beautifully pairs with a wide range of colors while providing a rich context for any wedding palette.

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