There is no doubt that the trend of green plants is taking over the wedding decoration style. From cascading seed eucalyptus and ivy decorations to myrtle wreaths and fern wreaths, we see more lush green plants used throughout the wedding planning process than ever before. Some brides even choose to hold a full green wedding. However, in my opinion, a full-green wedding is not pretty enough. Why don’t we add some other beautiful colors to the wedding.So please check out the color ideas below!

1. Dark & black

If you want an unique wedding, choosing the color black or dark green! The two colors combo so well that few people will venture to use these colors to make the theme of the wedding

2. Golden element

Gold is just pretty all by itself, whatever it combos with any other colors such as pink, purple and mauve, it always looks perfect. So add in some greenery and you really have something spectacular. The greenery provides a wonderful base so your Gold can shimmer and shine.

3. Pink/peach

Pink is the color of girls, provides youth and beauty. Just like the fruit, what’s more, peach is light and fresh! It works in every setting and fresh floral is a nice touch that can be added to greenery to really dress it up.

4. Dusty blue

It is hard to plan a blue & green wedding beacuse dusty blue wedding flowers are almost nonexistent, so the dusty blue tint that some greeneries have make it a perfect complement to this color.

5. Mauve

Mauve is the grown-up version of Blush and it looks so elegant. Because it is such a strong color, greenery works very well with Mauve to keep it from overtaking things.

6. Burgundy

Burgundy and greenery go together like a natural artwork. It looks elegant and it’s so classy. Options are endless with this color combo and it’s always a classic.

7. Yellow

Yellow do the same features as gold in some parts. Looks elegant and bright.

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